How to Make the Most of a Small Bedroom – Our Top Decorating Tips

We all know that space comes at a premium, but you don’t need to sacrifice your design aesthetic because of a small space. To help you keep things on point, we’ve collected these small bedroom design ideas for your box rooms, quirky spaces and cramped places.

Take a look at these decorating tips and tricks and learn how to make a small bedroom look bigger…

Organisation and storage solutions

One thing that regularly makes a small room feel even smaller is clutter, so smart bedroom storage and some organisation are essential. Here are some handy ideas:

  1. Bed storage

Instead of leaving it as a dead, useless area under a basic divan, you can make the most of the space under your bed easily. Choose a high framed bed with room for storage boxes underneath, then use a valance bedsheet to create softness and hide the boxes. Or maybe go for an ottoman or drawer bed to hide the clutter without the need for extra bedding. Whichever way, under the bed is a great place to hide suitcases, spare pillows, out of season clothes and more from prying eyes.

  • Headboard storage

Bedside tables can take up valuable floor space, but a storage headboard can save you plenty. Innovative designs often include cubby holes for your books and trinkets, flat tops for lamps and late-night drinks, and further storage down the sides too.

  • Awkward spaces

A lot of older homes have redundant chimneys and alcoves all around that can make the space oddly-shaped. The key here is to embrace the strange. Build storage into them with a floating shelf or two, add up-high or down-low cupboards and wardrobes or maybe a floating desk for an at-home workspace you can completely tuck chairs underneath. These ideas will give you extra storage and keep some floor space free.

  • Vertical space

One area most often not used to the max is the vertical space in a room. Everything above head height is useless if left empty, so consider creating high shelving spaces or cupboards for less-used or decorative items.

Wardrobes and furniture ideas

In addition to your bed, wardrobes are the bulkiest items featured. They’re boxy, tall and take up a good chunk of your room’s square footage. Alongside that, you have floor lamps, bookcases, desks and drawers to place. These ideas work to make the most of the available space.

  1. Built-in Wardrobes

A popular option is to custom-build a wardrobe around the space you have available – awkward or not. Built-in wardrobes are ideal ways to reduce the need for extra furniture in your room and to hide all your clutter. They can be made bespoke for your space and include hanging space, drawers, desks, show storage and more, often all behind the closing doors.

  • Sliding doors

When considering the floor space a wardrobe takes up, you also need to think about the space the doors need to open – so they actually take up to double the area you think. Unless, of course, you choose sliding wardrobe doors. These minimise the footprint of your wardrobe and keep things clean and tidy. Why not install mirrored sliding doors to add the illusion of more light and space?

  • Corners and coves

Got a wonky corner below or above the classic 90 degrees? Bespoke furniture is the way to go. A corner desk is a great option as it’s relatively easy and affordable to make, and you can use the two walls above it for various storage solutions as well.

  • Lighting options

We all like a floor or side table lamp for a cosy feel, though they do use up floor space and surface area. Instead, think about wall-mounted bedside or desk lamps. You can even get adhesive battery-powered lights and light strips for the undersides of shelves and cupboards for a more modern feel.

Make it themed and colour-schemed

Decorating a room can affect the appearance, size and space. If done well, the colour scheme and aesthetic you choose can give the room the illusion of more room.

  1. Optical illusions

Decorating can play with the eye and trick the viewer into thinking a room is taller or wider than it is. One way to do this is by adding a break in the walls with a dado rail or strip of colour around the eye line – this splits the wall convincing you it is longer than it actually is. Bright block colours work for this as well, without the need for a separating strip. It’s all about the contrast with darker colours on the bottom and lighter on the top to increase the airy feel.

  • Make the most of white

White is a colour that lightens all spaces and creates a feeling of space and air. You can bring this sensation into your room by painting the walls, furniture and shelving all white to create a blank canvas with your bold or patterned bedding and accessories bringing in the colour. It’s the appearance of less clutter and more clean.

  • Stay on theme

Patterned walls aren’t necessarily a bad thing in small rooms – it’s just better to avoid multiple patterns. For example, if you have stripey wallpaper, choose plain accessories or similar striped ones. Or if you have heart-shaped motifs on your wall, bring heart shapes into your accessories as well.

  • Neutrality is key

Keeping things plain and neutral is a great way to encourage the feeling of cleanliness and less clutter as the colours all blend and complement each other. You can still add a splash of personality with a few bold, contrasting-coloured accessories though.

  • Embrace the minimalist in you

Minimalism is all about free, airy space and minimal fuss, so it’s a perfect option for smaller rooms. Edge towards symmetrical shelves, tables and bedding that pull focus to one area. Choose a pale or white colour scheme with few patterns and neutral accent shades. And keep the walls clear at eye level if you can.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can trick the eye and work out how to decorate a small bedroom to look bigger. You just need to think more creatively and conceal the mess that may attract eyes and overtake a space. Alternatively, you could follow in the footsteps of Marie Kondo and cultivate a low-clutter life with a minimalist aesthetic. Whatever you choose, these small bedroom design ideas are sure to help, so get decorating, increase your organisation and learn how to make the most of a small bedroom.

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