Innovative Design – practicality

We are stars

                        We are snowflakes
We have our lights
       And our unique designs
Keep shining
            Stay intricate
Write your story
And so it is with our homes, which represent us to others and it is where we are most ourselves.  I’m often told by customers that a) they’re looking for inspiration and ideas, b)  but they don’t know much about design and decorating and c) they’ll know it when they see it. And they are, to some degree right.  It is very hard to implement a change without imagining it first.

This is the first of several articles addressing innovation in design.  In this article, we’ll look at some practical innovations in design.  Most of these designs can be called “modern”, in the sense that not only are they new but they incorporate a strong sense of minimalism.  Form follows function, as they say, and these examples are intended to meet a function while adding as little extra to the design as possible.  Note: This all comes from excessive web surfing and I’m supplying links for my sources when obtainable.

How about being able to read without needing extra tables and lamps?


Seems like everything plugs in these days, but where do you set the device while it is charging?

I guess the text in the graphic explains it.

Ever have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night?  Ever stub a toe?