Interior Design Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Modern and Luxurious

While we’d all like a bedroom that looks like it came straight out of the glossy home décor magazine or pinned off from decorating boards on Pinterest, for most people the budget limitations tend to get in the way of their dreams. If you find yourself among this lot, here’s some good news – you don’t have to give up creating the bedroom you’ve always wanted. With these eight simple and wallet-friendly tips, you can give your bedroom a modern and luxurious-looking makeover.

Ban the clutter

While this tip doesn’t necessarily fall unto decorating category, it’s the first step in making your room look great and feel perfect for sleeping. A messy and cluttered room will never look expensive no matter how much you spend on the furnishings. A luxurious-looking space focuses on space, so get rid of everything that isn’t necessary or simply gorgeous. Pay special attention to floors, as bedrooms are notorious for becoming storage areas for folded clothing, unread books, exercise equipment, etc.

Pick a style and stick to it

A luxury master bedroom will always have a theme. Whether it’s Boho, mid-century modern, or farmhouse, every piece you add should fit into the general aesthetic picture. Some homeowners make a bond with the rest of their home, where, for example, the bedroom is a stylistic contingency of the dining room. If the rest of the house has a rustic feel to it, creating a luxury suite look in the bedroom might be too abrupt of a transition. Also, try to match the bedroom to your personality: if you’re into Mad Men, focus on mid-century furniture and a funky headboard, while for a sworn Victorian, ornate pillows and a beautiful rich duvet cover are the way to go.

Give green a chance

No expensive bedroom is complete without a touch or two of green. Take the prettiest vase you can find in your house and fill it with fragrant flowers and place it on your nightstand. If your garden can’t provide budget blooms, get into the habit of frequenting a local farmer’s market, as it’s far cheaper than the florist’s. Also, consider planting a houseplant in a ceramic or metal container. If you’re an experienced indoor gardener, try ferns, otherwise, go with hard-to-kill houseplants such as dracaena, pothos, or sansevieria.

Add a rug for comfort and warmth

Do you hate the feeling of cold hardwood or tiles on your feet when you hop out of your warm bed? A great way to put a stop to this horror is to invest in a soft and fuzzy area rug. Your rug will also reduce noise in the bedroom, define the space, protect your floors and fill the room with personality. A gorgeous soft Miss Amara rug will do all of the above, but also tie everything together. You can opt for something neutral to serve as an anchor to your furniture or go bold with your rug patterns and colors to add some interest to the room—both styles look luxurious and modern.

Get a great bed

Beds are important for bedrooms, right? Yet still, many homeowners make a mistake of spending the bulk of the money on secondary things and take the bed for granted. Not only is this backward thinking but doesn’t make much sense, either. The bed is the focal piece of the room, so you need one that is beautiful, supporting, and aesthetically complete. Today, finding great beds for sale has never been easier, since online shopping gives you a chance to easily filter out the features you’re interested in, like timber frames, custom headboards, linen drawers, and an abundance of upholstering options. 

Refresh the linens

The best part of having a comfortable and luxurious bedroom is the big cozy bed. You’ve bought the bed frame, the mattress, but something is still missing. You need to give your bed sheets a makeover as well. Start with a set of new crisp cotton percale sheets that are freshly laundered and pressed. Here the touch and feel of the fabric are more important than the thread count. When ironing, use a DIY linen spray with lavender and lemon essential oils, and you’ll feel like sleeping in a five-star hotel suite.

Restful wall treatments

Having plain white walls in your bedroom gives it an unwholesome hospital vibe that is everything but luxurious. Instead, you should paint the walls and ceiling a solid color that you find relaxing. While dark colors don’t suit every space, solid colors might work better than neutrals in many contexts. Rich blues and greens, for example, are wonderful choices that pair well with most antiques and decorating styles. 

Go for crown moldings

Even an ordinary room can take on an expensive look with the addition of crown moldings. If you don’t have them already installed, drive to your local home depot and see what’s on sale. If you’re DIY-savvy, you should choose actual moldings that need to be cut, painted, and nailed into place. On the other hand, if you can’t tell the business end of a power drill, go with self-adhesive molding. In both cases, paint the molding so it matches your walls.

If your bedroom is starting to look bland and outdated, then a makeover with ideas like these above will not only refresh your space but also make it look and feel more luxurious, and all that without spending too much money!

About the author: Mike Johnston is an avid blogging enthusiast and experienced freelance writer with a focus in home improvement, interior design, family life, and sustainable living.