Kinds of Mirrors for Your Home: What Mirror to Choose?

Choosing the perfect mirror for your home can be a daunting task. You can equate this to choosing a good game to play, like lord of ocean. Mirrors in the house do not only serve as objects that reflect images. They have other essential functions where you can use them to enhance natural light, make a room feel larger, accentuate room features, or add flair to a space. It shows that mirrors do not only belong to the bedroom, dressing room, and bathroom. In this article, we will also refer to mirrors as décor pieces. 

Different mirror types allow you to find a picture-perfect décor piece for all the rooms in your house. The trick is to ensure you land on the right piece that will serve its function effortlessly. We know that finding a good mirror is not the easiest of tasks. This is why we have prepared a guide that will help you decide on the mirror to choose. 

Types of Home Mirrors

Before you go out shopping for a mirror, it’s vital to know the types you can choose from.  While there are numerous options available, the major mirror types fall into categories like:

  • Plane Mirror- this is a décor piece that comes with a flat or planar reflective surface. It reflects images in their regular shapes and sizes. They come in various sizes, and you can use them as decorative pieces or as makeup mirrors. 
  • Spherical Mirror- this can either be a convex or concave piece.  With a concave mirror, the glass is usually curved inward like a spoon with a coating. It is mainly used as a shaving mirror. On the other hand, a convex mirror outwardly bulges just like the back of a spoon, reflecting a wider angle. A perfect example of this is a passenger-side mirror.
  • Two- Way Mirrors- are made to be partially transparent and reflective with coating on one side. The décor pieces are typically used for experimental research in interrogation rooms, security cameras, and security observation decks. 
  • Silver Mirrors- Silvering describes a process where a thin layer of metallic silver is deposited on glass. Note that silver has the highest reflectivity degree. It reflects all light wavelengths resulting in a top-notch reflective surface. These are primarily used as decorative pieces as well as in the bathrooms and furniture. 

The above are a few examples of the general types of décor pieces. Common mirrors you can have in the home include bathroom, full-length, wall, entryway, vanity, dresser, portable, dressing and wall mirrors, etc. With the ever-growing need for something innovative and new, there are many types of mirrors out there that people can use for home décor or other purposes. Now that you have an idea of some of the options to choose from, let’s jump right into sure-fire tips on the factors to consider when thinking about the mirror to pick.

  1. Think About Size 

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for great mirrors for your home is the size. Various factors influence the size of the décor piece you want to get. One is the dimensions of the wall or area where you want to place the décor piece. The other is the purpose of the décor piece. If the piece is a central feature, it needs to be large enough to draw attention as the showpiece. 

It’s advisable to select a décor piece about two-thirds of the size of furniture where it will be hanging above. You can use a paper template to guide you on the position if you are unsure about the size that suits your space. Décor pieces have the power to make a small room appear larger. The illumination and reflection they offer imply you do not even need a large mirror to create a bigger-looking space. Ideally, choose a size that will fit nicely into the room without overpowering it. 

  1. Consider Mirror Style  

Mirrors can quickly reflect the style you already have in a room. Then again, the piece can create an impact when you choose an unexpected style so that the décor piece acts as an accent. The frame usually plays a significant role in determining the style. Go for a gilt, ornate, or curved frame if you want to achieve an ethnic or traditional inspired style. If you are looking for a structure that will blend in well with a modern or casual interior, opt for mirror styles with unusual materials or simple lines. Whimsical frame treatments or distressed looks work best for electric rooms or when you want a country look. 

  1. Quality of the Mirrors 

It’s advisable only to purchase high-quality mirrors. It will save you the headache of having to replace the décor pieces often because you bought low-standard products. Mirror thickness, glass quality, and mirror silvering are factors to consider when looking for top-notch décor pieces. Regarding glass quality, check to see if the glass used in the piece has any inconsistencies or whether it distorts the image in any way. Mirrors are also available in different thickness levels. ¼ thickness is the standard because it will not alter reflections. The silvering of the coating also needs to be thick, which confirms it is a high-quality piece.   

  1. The Shape of the Mirror 

You may also want to think about the shape when seeking practical mirror solutions. Most décor pieces will come in rectangular, square, oval, or round shapes. These are versatile options that blend in well with most décor schemes and are easy to style. However, you can also decide to go for unique shapes depending on the most appealing look. These can include arched, classic cut corner, and quatrefoil mirror designs, amongst others. The options are simply limitless when you are looking for the ideal shape for your lovely home. 

  1. Cost of Mirrors 

Sometimes, shopping for the right décor piece can be an expensive affair. It is one of the reasons you need to compare different prices from different stores after identifying the mirror you want. It will help you find the best rates for the piece you want. You can do this simply online if you are looking for ready-made pieces. The same case should apply when you are looking for a custom mirror for your space. Take time to find companies with the most reasonable rates without compromising on quality. Where possible, search for mirrors for sale to help you save a coin or two and still end up with an incredible piece. 


Mirrors are gorgeous and valuable pieces that are welcome in most homes. It can be challenging to identify the ideal décor piece for your home. Our guide above points you in the right direction on the factors to think about before picking the perfect mirror. 

Do you love mirrors? Have you ever shopped for a décor piece to use in different rooms of your house? What are some of the challenges you faced? What advice would you give people who are shopping for mirrors? We would love to hear from you in the comments. 

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