Modern Furniture Objects That Fit In A Luxurious, Vintage Interior

Are you looking for ideas to bring a breath of fresh air to your vintage interior design? Then maybe you will want to try a mix and match situation. We all know that opposites attract so why not try to combine modern furniture objects with your glamorous, vintage interior?

It’s time to give up on the idea that all items in the room must match.

Styles change and right now, the hype is on combining designs and ideas that bring freshness and create a powerful setting. So, if you’re still on the edge with breaking the vintage style, let’s take a look at the ideas below. Who knows? Maybe we can convince you.


Make room for contrasts

If you want to focus the attention towards a certain area or simply create a design that attracts the eye, you need to open yourself up to contrasts. However, you have to be clever about it. Contrast has its own rules, and you must make sure they are followed.

First of all, by mixing hard textures with soft ones or by adding a blocky chair when all your furniture is leggy, you manage to create a balance. If you overdo it, then the entire mixture becomes tacky.

Introducing fine changes

Just imagine a large kitchen, 19th-century style, with gorgeous wooden decorations and a long table for the entire family. The entire setting screams luxury and seriousness, making you feel small and sober. To lighten the mood and bring the design to our era, you can replace the vintage chairs with comfy, modern ones that have chromed legs. These chairs will break the hard air and introduce you to a warm environment where everyone is welcome.

Luxury and family-friendly settings do go together if you make the correct fine changes.

Fresh colors

Who says your vintage rooms need to look dusty and pale? Old furniture brings a certain elegance that is a bit difficult to digest in the modern age so why not break it with some nicely colored walls? Fresh colors like green, yellow, and blue will bring more sunlight in the room and increase the level of energy.

Of course, you shouldn’t stop at the walls! Decorative items like pillows and small chairs can also come in fresh colors. Even more, you can add a modern rug that will blend nicely with the furniture.

Create unity in diversity

As we mentioned above, contrasts do attract. However, if you mix a modern sofa with some ultra-elegant chairs from another century, you may get chaos instead of unity. The chairs will be imposing, decorated with wood carvings and gorgeous upholstery that makes you think of royalty. On the other hand, a modern sofa is simple and oriented towards comfort and functionality. So how can you mix these elements together without wanting to scratch your eyes out?

Well, there is a simple trick to make the combination work: select a color palette that works with all the pieces.

The main idea behind introducing modern furniture objects in your vintage home is balance. Your interior design must support unity, and everything will work out in a gorgeous final design. Of course, there are many ideas that can be put into practice with such gorgeous furniture. For instance, a small home office goes great with the sober style of vintage furniture, don’t you think?