Natural cleaning solutions for wood furniture

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Though chemical cleaning solutions are undoubtedly effective, if inhaled or touched directly they can be harmful to your respiratory system. If you have any kids or pets around, using natural cleaning solutions for your wood furniture could be the wiser solution. Read on for more creative ideas for a non-toxic yet pristine clean household!

Home cleaning – Try cleaning with just vinegar and water/oil!

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The best thing about this cleaning solution is that you probably have all the ingredients necessary at home to make this work!

The good news is that wood generally keeps itself clean most of the time, so you actually don’t need all the chemicals in store bought wood cleaners most of the time. To make homemade furniture polish, mix warm water or oil with white vinegar in the desired ratio, which will vary depending on the type of your wood.

If you’d like to give your cleaning solution a nice smell, try dropping a couple of drops of essential oils (such as lavender or lemon) inside your solution. This will cover up the acidic smell of vinegar and leave a faint residual fragrance.

Best home cleaning services

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If your wood furniture has gotten to the point where vinegar and water or oil won’t help, a possible option is hiring a cleaning service to help make things easier. Such cleaning services will do the bulk of the hard work for you and leave your furniture in tip-top condition, and clean the rest of the house. The bottom line here is to not stress if your wooden furniture isn’t in the best condition. There’s a lot of ways in which you can revert your favourite rocking chair or table to the condition you bought it in without chemical solutions, including natural vinegar solutions and home cleaning services. What are you waiting for – get a sponge and start scrubbing now!

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