New Trends for Furniture and Interiors In 2019

The world is ever-changing, and so is fashion, and nowadays trends in interior design and furniture are no exception, changing year on year. People desire to make the most of their living spaces and show off their style in the furniture they buy and the colors they choose. Deciding on what furniture to adorn your home with, can be daunting. Especially if you consider yourself not so creative.

Hopefully these tips will help you decide by enlightening you on the new trends for furniture and interiors expected in 2019.


The color of the year for 2019 is night-watch green which is similar to bottle green and is a good alternative to matte black shades. This color goes well with high shine pieces and furnishes. It may feel overwhelming to use this color in the whole room, so you may opt to bring it in small signature pieces like a rug or a textile cushion or even a piece of artwork.

Boho Design

Boho? Yes, you read correctly. Boho style is back in, even though it didn’t really leave, but nowadays it is making its debut comeback. This includes rich tones and an offset layered look.

Terazzo Surfaces

Terazzo surfaces are modern designs, perfect for any room, as they are sheek and evoke a playful nature. These prints can be brought into your home through flooring, night lamps and even the print on curtains.

Vibrant Ceiling

Next year is said to bring a fresh take on ceilings with patterned wallpaper. This has the effect of making any room look larger and brighter.


Tribal patterns, in particular. These patterns never quite left the scene and now you can look forward to even more ethnic inspire patterned furniture. You may not like a fill on patterned room, in which case you can bring in elements of patterns such as pillows or throws.

Eco-friendly Décor

There is more emphasis on eco-friendly décor nowadays and new trends for furniture and interiors in 2019 include energy saving appliances, live plant walls and leftover material like marble.

Luxury Furniture

Luxury and soft seating – Luxurious seating is a must when planning one’s living room. They are all big, soft and velvety giving the room a rich feel. These are coupled with marble surfaces, brass or copper and armchairs or ottomans.


  • Organic Material – Wood, glass and stone are still in and are made to last. These pieces are durable and give your room a fresh feel.
  • 3D Prints – These are a must in any home as it is not only modern but can be made from recyclable things. It is ideal for people wanting to show their nomadic nature.

There are so many trends to consider when thinking about new trends for furniture and interiors in 2019. Next year is the year you get to truly play around with designs and styles that are unique to you. Your home should represent your style and your preferences as it is ultimately a reflection of you and your family.

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