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Pet owners are the luckiest people in the world. But they also have a life filled with responsibilities, having to care for their furry little companions.

Not only they have to adjust their lifestyle to their pets, they also end up making massive changes to their homes. And ofcourse, we can’t forget about all the extra cleaning and vacuuming.

If you’re getting a new pet, then welcome to the club! And if you want to know more about all these household changes, look no further.

Keep reading to find out how you can be smart with your furniture choices and make cleaning after your pet a much easier process!

Pet Friendly Fabrics

When you have a pet at home, you’ve got to be very selective about the fabric you use for your furniture. There are certain features that you need to look out for like colour, texture and washability.

Fabric Color

Believe it or not, the color of furniture you chose will make a significant difference when you have pets.

Try to match the color of your furniture material to your pet. For example, if your pet has white fur, don’t go for dark colors because white hair will be more visible.

You could also opt for multicolored or patterned materials such as tweed where the hair won’t show up.  I personally think that gray colored fabric and sometimes even cream, with bits of brown and black are quite good at hiding fur.

Fabric Texture

When you have a pet, there are bound to be bathroom accidents and spills. This is why you need a fabric that is easy to clean and nonabsorbent.

Synthetic fabrics like polyesters and nylons are easier to clean. This means that you don’t have live with stains and smells forever. Also, liquids also can’t get through them either.  So, there’s no chances of your couch being pee infused for a long time.

You also definitely don’t want fabric that gets hair and fur easily stuck to it. Certain materials like velvet are actually hair magnets, so stay away from them. Opt for hair repelling fabrics, where fur can simply be vacuumed away.

Examples of Pet Friendly Fabrics

Some fabrics are a lot more suited for pet than others. Here’s a list of fabric you should choose, if you have a pet at home –

●     Microfiber

Synthetic microfiber is a fabric from the heavens if you own a pet.

This material is hard to tear and even scratch. You can also get rid of hair by a simple wiping or running a lint roll. Even stains are easily removable by brushing away with a  mixture of soap and water.

●     Leather

Leather is amazing because fur doesn’t stick to it. You can simply vacuum your leather couch to keep it clean.

Although leather does scratch, it doesn’t look too bad. Infact, the scratches add patina, which is a well sought after look. Aso leather is much easier to wipe than other fabrics.

Although this material is high in the price range, it’s long lifeline makes it worth buying.

●     Denim

Think of how sturdy denim jackets and jeans are. So why not chose the same fabric for your furniture?

Denim is durable and easily cleanable.  Since the fabric is tightly woven, hair doesn’t get stuck to it. So vacuuming daily will get rid of any pet fur.

As for washing, simply a mixture of soap and water or using a baking soda paste will get rid of stains and dirt.

Denim brings in a rugged, casual look to any room. Using this material will definitely make a statement. What’s more it will make your life with a pet much easier as well.

 ●     Outdoor Fabrics

You know the fabric that is used to make outdoor furniture? They’re specially made to be waterproof and resistant to bacteria. Some of them are even made to be stainless and odor free, which is everything you need if you own a pet.

There’s no rule saying you can’t use those fabrics indoors. So go ahead and opt for one of those. If you think they’re too tacky, don’t worry because there’s a wide range available in the markets.

You’ll have a whole variety of patterns and colours to choose from, and match with the rest of your living room.

 Maintenance Tips For Pet Households

When you own a pet, you’ve got to make wise choices with your furniture and its maintenance. Here are a few tips I’ve learnt through years of experience.

Washable and Removable Decor

You should regularly wash any materials that are in contact with your pet. This is necessary to maintain a hygienic environment.

This is why decor has to be picked wisely in a pet household. Make sure any bedding, blankets and covers are easily removable and machine washable.

Also buy pillow and seat covers with zippers. They’re much easier to remove and throw into the laundry machine.

Cover Your Furniture

Covering your furniture makes it last longer and keeps it clean. This is true especially for households with pets.

If you cover your couch, your pets will sit on the covers instead of the actual couch. And then all you have to do is put them in washing machine.

Of course washing a cloth cover is much easier than separate parts of your furniture. And if you think this will ruin the aesthetics of your house, you could also just make separate matching covers with your furniture.

Throw pillows are also a  great way to cover up your furniture as well. Pets can’t be pretty lazy. So, they won’t really move the throw pillows away.

Your cat or dog will most likely settle on top of the pillow. This way your throw pillow will bear the brunt of all the  fur, and your couch won’t have to suffer.

The Floor Matters

Pet households need flooring that is easily cleaned and not too fancy. Hardwood, stones and tiles are the most suitable for this.

Carpets are also a good way to protect floors. However, make sure the carpet is machine washable and doesn’t absorb liquids easily. To make your life easier, there are also some pretty amazing carpet cleaners  that will do wonders with stains and odors.

Consider placing some extra rugs in  key areas where mess is most likely to occur.  I’m talking about places like the front of the bathroom, your pet’s designated area and the entrance from the backyard.

These rugs will catch the extra mud, water and food particles, and help your carpets last longer. What’s more, smaller rugs are easier to wash more frequently as well.

Strategic Furniture Placement and  Purchases

Observe your pet’s behavior and place your furniture accordingly. For example, opt for higher stools that are difficult to get on. Also make sure to hang up any artwork and pictures high  in the wall so your pet can’t reach.

Sometimes pets can be overly smart and pull at dining table covers to get the food to crash. In that case, don’t use table covers at all. Buy sturdy furniture that is pet proof.

Let’s be real, you can’t really have fancy glass furniture all over your house when you’re a pet owner.

Pointy edged furniture might hurt your pet, so it’s best to opt for rounded edges.  Small furniture like baskets and ottomans can also be used as barriers and blockers for certain no pet areas as well.

Designate a Special Pet Space

Giving your pet a specific place of their own can save your furniture a lot of trouble. Invest in a comfortable and nice looking pet bed to place in the living room. Train your pet to stay away from the sofas and use the pet bed instead.

Adding your pet’s favourite toys and soft blanket and bedding will make all the difference. Pets also like to be near their owners so don’t place them too far away from where you’re sitting.

You could also get a scratching post that fits with your decor. Scratching posts are great distractions which will keep your cat’s claws away from your furniture. To make these posts more appealing, add bits of catnip around it.

Final Thoughts

Pets are an absolute delight to have in our lives. But they can also be a nightmare when it comes to cleanliness and prized furniture.

Honestly, it’s best to just  keep minimum furniture with relatively cheap decor, and a clutterless house. Cleaning is much easier that way, and your pet will be able to roam around more freely as well.

Keep your most prized possessions out of reach or in separate rooms where your pet is restricted. And let’s be real, who needs material goods when you have the lifelong love of a pet?

So go on and pet proof your house with all the tips I have shared. And remember to be picky and wise with your choices!

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