Practical tricks to optimize your bedroom for better sleep

Few things can beat the feeling of relaxation once you enter the clean sheets after the tiring day. In fact, the average human spends third of his life in the comfort of the bedroom, that said one can only imagine the importance of right and healthy things your bedroom needs to have for a well-rested night of sleep. We all know the stressful feeling of the warm pillow and blanket in the summer nights that wouldn’t let us fall asleep no matter how hard we tried to count all those sheep and pretend that we are actually sleeping. What addition you can make for your bedroom to once and for all never have to experience such a bad feeling?


Useful tricks to add to your bedroom to wake up well rested with a smile

You are probably familiar with the constant turning up and down of your pillow or blanket in order to achieve the constant coolness. Cool comforters are specially optimized to regulate a satisfactory temperature of your bed in correlation with your bodies heat.

It is difficult to achieve the wanted not too cold but also and not too hot result. Certain fabrics and styles will keep you cozy but not overheated. Needless to say, this will greatly improve the quality of sleep in the end.

Psychologists suggest that our bedroom should always have a somewhat different scent than the rest of our household. Anything related to Vanilla smell or beautiful Lavender scent can do wonders. This not only makes us feel relaxed once we enter our bedroom but it also improves the time we spend sleeping as our mind feels a lot more relaxed and the feeling of waking up in such aroma can be healthy as it is pleasant.

Estimating the right color and the amount of light can be the greatest addition to your bedroom

All we ask from our beloved bedroom is that it provides us with a well-rested night of sleep. You can increase these chances double fold if you paint your bedroom in bright colors like yellow, orange or silver but psychologists also suggest that green and blue variations can also be just as good. Try to install dimmed lights into your bedroom regardless of its color since our eyes instantly perceive them as an opportunity to fall asleep much quicker.

Adding blinds that will mimic the dimmed light can also be just as good especially if you have a larger window in your bedroom. Note one very important thing that most of the people still don’t take into serious consideration.

The less technology your bedroom has the easier it is for you to have a well rested sleep cycle. This is especially important for all of you who love to watch TV in your bedroom. Let the living room be the place where you will enjoy your favorite show during the day and strip your bedroom from the laptop or smartphone right away.

Other than that adding a few plants that will not only look beautiful but provide you with fresh oxygen is always a smart move.

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