Recycling Tips for Your Old Furniture

Most of the time, our used furniture ends up in landfills which is not really a great solution. In fact, landfills are quite problematic, according to a recent study. This is because people often think that they no longer have any other choice except to dispose of their furniture. We often overlook the fact that we can always recycle these household items.

Recycling furniture, especially large ones, is not always a straightforward process. There are a lot of options, such as donating, repurposing, and selling them. However, with the right knowledge, it can be made simpler. If you want to know how you can recycle your old and used furniture, here are a few tips that you can follow.

Recycling Tips for Your Old Furniture

Tip #1: Reupholster or Refinish It

Before you even think about disposing of your furniture, ask yourself if it cannot be refined or reupholstered. Doing so will help make your used furniture look fresh. As a new bachelor’s degree in interior design teaches us, the main purpose of design is to invent and improve the material side of life, and giving the furniture a new meaning is definitely that. However, before you refinish your furniture, you must identify the right materials, so that you can match everything.

Typically, home furniture is made with either wood or metal. With wood, you can go to a professional restoration expert or,  if you want to save a few bucks, you can DIY it, provided that you know what you are doing. With furniture made of metal, you can go to a local scrap metal business to see if pieces of your furniture can be used for recycling.

Overall, when it comes to reupholstering or refinishing your furniture, it is best if you turn on your creativity as it can do a lot to create something new out of something old. Plus, it can also save you from spending a lot of money from buying brand new furniture.

Tip #2: Donate It

According to current recycling statistics, the US lags behind other developed countries in terms of recycling. One of the best ways to recycle used things is by donating them to charity or to charitable institutions. Donations are always for a good cause. It can greatly help nonprofits provide for their missions. Essentially, your old desk can be used by someone again.

Before you start donating your old household furniture, it is best if you do proper research on the nonprofits that are near you. This is because some might not be accepting donations or are not yet permitted to do so by law. In any case, you can also look for charity shops wherein all proceeds go directly to the charity

Tip #3: Sell Them

Aside from donating used things, one of the best ways to recycle them is by selling them as secondhand products. Plus, it helps make a quick buck or two. Today, you can easily advertise your furniture thanks to social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. You can also take advantage of online shopping platforms, including eBay. However, if they are not in working condition, do not sell your household furniture.

Furniture Works sells furniture on consignment.  You can send us an email with pictures of your furniture and we’ll send you the details about how to do this.

Tip #4: Look for Environmentally Friendly Disposal Companies

Maybe the tips mentioned above do not apply to your old furniture situation. Now, you are left with only one option and that is to dispose of the furniture. If that is the case, it is best to research the best environmental disposal companies near you.

These companies ensure that most of their disposal processes will not have any adverse effect on the environment. On top of that, they also help divert most waste from landfills. With environmentally conscious waste disposal services, rest assured that your used furniture is recycled properly, promoting a positive impact on the environment.

Tip #5: Make Sure All Furniture Being Sold/Donated Do Not Contain Personal Items

This might seem obvious at first, but we often overlook the simple fact of looking for anything left in old furniture. That is why it is always best to double-check your drawers, cabinet shelves, and even between the sofa cushions. Always check these spaces to see if you have anything left that have value, such as documents, receipts, loose change, etc.

Tip #6: Barter Your Furniture

Aside from selling or donating your old furniture, you can also try to barter for them. A few retail shops have a trading or bartering system in place. As an example, if you are shopping for a new sofa and the shop allows trading an old one for a discounted price, go directly to the store dealer and ask them about their trading policy.

If you cannot find any retail stores that offer a trading system, there are also a few other places where you can barter used items, such as in Facebook Groups. From there, you can connect with multiple people to see if you can trade your old furniture for what they are offering in return. However, much like selling them, always check to see if they are still in good condition.

Why Should You Recycle Old Furniture?

Well, recycling is one of the most ideal solutions for waste management. In terms of recycling old furniture, on the other hand, this decreases the need of producing new materials. This is because most furniture companies do not have the most ethical and environmentally safe ways to gather materials for creating furniture.

Another reason why you should recycle old furniture, which is also closely related to what we mentioned above, is that it reduces energy consumption for building new ones. One of the best ways to help maintain the environment is by conserving energy. Generally speaking, recycling is the way to do exactly that.

Lastly, when you recycle old furniture, this reduces the need for them to pile up in landfills. As mentioned earlier, landfills are a nuisance because waste products just sit there to rot, which releases greenhouse gases into the air.


Recycling is always a good idea. Whether it is your furniture, clothes, kitchenware, storage items, etc., every bit of recycling counts. Moreover, recycling can come in many forms, such as repurposing old items, as well as reupholstering, trading, selling, and donating them to others can be quite beneficial not only to you but also for the environment. If you have any used furniture lying around, find the best way to prolong their lives with our helpful tips to recycle them above.

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