Setting Up A New Home and Expressing Your Individuality

Whether you rent or own, moving into a new address provides the perfect clean slate for redecoration. Ultimately, you want to build your home around pieces that mix personalization with functionality for a unique look. But variation aside, there are some basic, elemental home strategies to help you ease the transition between residences as you envision a new chapter in your life with an eye towards customization.

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Keep It Simple 

Moving is the perfect opportunity to reconsider what common household items go unused in your home. Paring down your baggage will make moving easier, but it will also make unpacking and homemaking a less chaotic undertaking as you’ll have only the essentials to work with. When shopping for furniture, read up on expert reviews of staple pieces so you have an advanced idea of which items best stretch your budget. For instance, futons are a great option for versatility and welcoming overnight guests, but not all futons are created equally. Often, secondhand and upcycled furniture are ideal for adding a personalized touch to staple pieces to preserve your home’s individuality. 

Make A Bedroom Perfect For Unwinding

Everyone deserves a bedroom that feels like a sanctuary: your room is a place to unwind and relax after the stressors of a busy day. To keep it calm, opt for neutral, low-impact colors and a room free of excess distractions that prove pesty when you need some sleep. When setting up a bedroom, it’s important to be health-conscious: bedrooms are often the most likely culprit of sinus issues in the home, as allergens exacerbate problems with sleeping. To protect against dust mites and allergens, keep your mattress at least 6 inches off the ground and wash all linens etc. once you arrive on the property. You can also achieve a calm bedroom through indoor greenery and aromatherapeutic oils, such as lavender or orange peel, which induce relaxation without harming the environment.

Use A Kitchen Checklist

Apart from furniture, your biggest purchase when setting up a new home from scratch will likely be the money you spend setting up a functional kitchen. Kitchens involve a surplus of big appliances and small household items that you’ll need on a moment’s notice and it’s hard to last very long in a new residence without a well-stocked kitchen. To prepare, take inventory of the items currently in your kitchen and keep a running list of what you’ll need down the line. Often, many residents find that they use extraneous kitchen appliances less frequently than they anticipated: by decluttering, you are paring down your kitchen to the elemental needs. Moving is the first big step in a bigger, sometimes lifelong, project of adding and building to the space around you to make a home truly your own. Once you settle on a new residence, it’s time to be strategic about what furniture and stylistic decisions will best serve your changing needs.

Author: Katylin Miller

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