Statement Furniture Pieces You Need for Your Home

Furniture takes the center-stage in any home and can make or break how your home looks. Statement furniture pieces stand out from the rest of your décor, showcase your sense of style, express your personality, and transform your living spaces from basic to elegant and sophisticated. If you are wondering how to choose the right furniture for your home to make a statement, consider the design, style, color, and the final look. Below are a few statement furniture pieces you need in your home.

1). A High Tufted Headboard

Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, and making it stand out will completely change the vibe of the room. Give your bedroom some character by going for a high tufted headboard instead of the plain wooden ones that hurt your head when you accidentally bump into it. Tall tufted headboards make excellent statement pieces as they not only make your room inviting and cozy but also elegant. Leather fabric is your best option as it is easy to clean and adds a touch of class and grandeur to your bedroom. It is also timeless, and you don’t have to worry about your bedroom looking dated a few years down the line. Choose the right mattress to go with your statement headboard and make your bedroom a luxurious, safe haven.

2). Unique Bookshelf

A unique bookshelf can be one of the statement furniture pieces that make your room stand out. An excellent way to start is using raw wood or raw metal in an otherwise modern or well-polished room. This creates contrasts and makes it more noticeable. You can go for a floating geometrical bookshelf or disguise your floating shelf with a book cover, so it seems to be levitating. Get creative and unique with your bookshelf so that it is not only a functional piece of furniture but also an aesthetic that has a “wow” effect on your living spaces.

3). An Accent Chair

A statement accent chair can transform a rather dull living room for the better. It is also a great way to set the tone for the rest of your room. There is a wide variety of accent chairs you can choose from, ranging from velvet and leather armchairs to armless wing chairs. Keep in mind that the shape, style, and contour of your accent chair are as important as the fabric in delivering your desired results. If the rest of your room is monochromatic or has neutral colors, a pop of color on your accent chair can make it stand out.

4).  A Fabric Chaise Lounge

You can use the versatility of chaise lounges to your advantage and make it one of your statement furniture pieces. A chaise lounge combines the comfort and function of a couch and a chair. It can also fit anywhere in your home. A fabric chaise lounge that goes well with your style and serves its intended function will help you relax while adding a touch of sophistication to your space. Soft fabrics like cotton are ideal for a bedroom chaise lounge while leather works well for areas with high traffic like the living room as it is low maintenance. An armless lounger with a steel finish will complement your contemporary home, while a richly-upholstered chaise lounge with wooden frames will give you a highly traditional feel.

5). Stylish Coffee Table

Your stylish coffee table can elevate your living area other than just holding your coffee or showcasing your favorite magazines. A wooden coffee table in peculiar designs or a stone coffee table brings the outdoor elements into the room and adds contrast to the straight geometrical lines in the room. Other than opting for unusual finishes for your table to make a statement, a shape that contrasts the rest of the furniture in the room will make your coffee table stand out.

The above statement furniture pieces will add pizzazz to your home and enhance its visual appeal.

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