20 Brilliant Home Furnishings Ideas That Will Bring Your Home to The Next Level


Nowadays, decorating rooms, especially living room is becoming the normal thing to do. Be it minimalist or grand design, people do love decorating their homes using various ornaments. In here, I am going to give you several ideas to beautify your living rooms.

Wall Hanging Tapestry or Wall Art

Want to try something unique yet simple and easy to prepare? These ideas might surprise you.

  1. Hand Printed Rug

You have a white wall in your living room, and it feels empty since nothing is there. To create a unique decoration, you can try making hand-printed rug or tapestry. While it is often being associated with a teenager or college students, the tapestry is great choice to give your room an edgy atmosphere.

What You Need:

  • Canvas (your desired choice)
  • Pencil
  • Permanent markers
  • Iron
  • Yardstick
  • Sewing machine

The Steps:

  • First of all, you need to check the edge of your canvas. If it has not finished, you can fold the edge and make stitch across the fold using a sewing machine. Iron the canvas out flat.
  • Draw your preferred design and sketch using the pencil.
  • Color the pattern using the permanent markers.
  • Add a rug pad underneath if you want to put the tapestry on the floor.
  • If you want to hang it on the wall, you need to make hanger or just simply hang it using nails.
  • Notes: although the canvas is washable, the color of the tapestry will fade a little bit.
  1. Feather Wall Hanging

Unleash your inner boho-chic princess with this feather wall hanging. It reminds you of the dream catcher and it can be the alternatives for room decorations.

What You Need:

  • Feathers
  • Scissors
  • Spray paint
  • Suede Lace
  • Wood Dowel

The Steps:

  • Spray the tips of feathers with spray paint. Let them dry.
  • Double knot suede lace to each end of the wood dowel.
  • Tie a piece of suede to the stem of the feather. You can tie them in different length. Repeat the process.
  • Make sure to tie the knot facing the back so it does not show on the front
  1. Batik Dye Wall Hanging

Batik Dye lighten up your room, especially if you choose contrast color. For example, black batik dye will catch your attention if you hang it on your white wall.

What You Need:

  • Drop cloth or heavy cotton canvas
  • Paraffin wax or beeswax
  • Crockpot or double boiler
  • Liquid Dye
  • Pencil
  • Scissor
  • Gloves
  • Paintbrushes (old ones will do)

The Steps:

  • Cut the fabric to your preferred size and sketch your intended design.
  • Heat the paraffin or beeswax in a double boiler on the stove. The estimated heat should be around 80ºC (170’F).
  • Using the paintbrush, apply the wax to the design. Trace over the design carefully. Make sure the wax is heated to enough temperature so that it absorbs well into the fabric. Allow the wax to harden.
  • Mix liquid dye with warm water in a plastic bucket. You can experiment with the ratio of the dye and water.
  • Put on gloves, and dip the fabric into the dye. Let it soak to achieve a darker color. Usually, it takes 15 minutes.
  • Rinse with room temperature water and hang to dry.
  • To remove the wax, place paper towel on top and bottom of the fabric. Iron it until the wax lifted from it. Replace the paper towel as you iron the fabric.
  1. Lyric Wall Art

Do you have a particular lyric from your favorite song that sticks on your head 24/7? Why don’t turn it into the beautiful wall art?

What You Need:

  • Vintage painting
  • Letter stickers
  • White paint or spray paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissor

The Steps:

  • Cut out the letter stickers to complete the sentence of your chosen words. It takes time so you have to be patient.
  • Stick those letters in the painting, then coat it with the white paint.
  • Let the paint dry, then peel off the letters carefully.
  • Now you got your special art. You can hang it on the wall or put it in the corner of your living room.

Small Living Room Decoration Ideas

But what if your house has a rather small living room? Then, you might want to apply these decoration ideas to make space looks bigger and spacious.

  1. Decorate with Mirrors

Decorating your living room with mirrors will not only give the vibe of the spacious area but also a bright room as well. That is because when you place mirrors strategically, it will give an illusion of larger space.

You need to put a mirror in central place to create a focal point. It is best to put the mirror across the window. Why is that so? By putting the mirror across the window, it reflects the view, absorb lights, and gives the illusion of another window.

  1. Draws the Eye Upward

For a room with high ceiling, the way to decorate it is using artwork and decorate the floor. This way, the eyes are drawn upward. You can play with drapes, an aesthetic one if I could say. It is better to go with neutral colors like brown.

Another way is to put art ornaments like painting or handcrafted wood. So, if you enter the room, the attention will shift from the ornaments to the ceiling.

  1. Use Neutral Colors

Neutral colored furniture, walls, or floor makes the room appear bigger. If using off-white or beige, the room seems like expanding automatically because it appears to push back the walls. Neutral colors also have calming attributes. When you enter the living room with neutral colors, you will feel homey instantly.

  1. Choose Furniture Wisely

Are you thinking of shopping furniture for the living room? Do keep these in your mind: pick the furniture with lightweight appearance. Choose the ones with pale or bright colors and those with legs. Do avoid the box types since it consumes more space. Another thing to notice is that when buying tables, you can try the glasses one. As it is transparent and sees through, it will make the area more open.

  1. Small Furniture

Tight space can be adjusted by putting small-scale furniture. It won’t take more spaces than necessary. Sofa with thin arms or armless chairs is the best option out there. It is simple but not overpowering the room.

 Photo Wall Ideas

Next on our lists of ideas are the photo wall ideas. Turning a vacant space in your wall into a gallery wall can be so much fun. You can try decorating the wall based on the frame size of the picture, or to combine and mix several different ideas as well.

  1. Pretty Pink

Do you have any paintings with pink colors? Do you have the paintings with various shades of pink? Then, try to create a pinky gallery. You can display the watercolors painting and add modern touch by giving some gold or silver accents.

  1. Modern Touch

Putting your black and white paintings or printed pictures would never go wrong. As a matter of fact, black and white are everlasting colors, which means that you can always play with it. Add some vase of flowers and now you are ready to show off!

  1. Abstract Gallery

Bored of the same size frame when putting together your pictures? What about trying to get them to a different size? Even though it is abstract, it still catches attention. And that is what you need for displaying and decorating your room.

  1. Pyramid Display

If you are using the shelf to display your pictures, make it so that at the bottom of the shelf is the small sizes pictures. Move up to the second shelf, you can put the bigger ones, and on top of the shelf, you can just put one or two big pictures or paintings.

  1. Bulletin Board Photo Wall

If you are the type of person who does not want to put anything directly into the wall, you might want to consider to collect your pictures on a big bulletin board. Although you have to work twice, it will be worth it.

 Other Decoration Ideas

Besides those ideas above, you might also want to try some of this.

  1. Chalkboard Wall Paint

With chalkboard, you can write anything, basically! You can write motivation words for the day or simply draw something to make your day brighter. Although originally it works best in kitchen or kids room, I think putting it in the living room gives playful atmosphere.  

  1. Rack of Wine Corks

If you have wine corks in your home and you do not know what to do with them, why don’t you turn them into the rack? At first, it is intended to become a rack for a necklace, but I think, it fits as jacket holder too.

  1. Floating Bookshelf

A floating bookshelf? Is that a magic? Of course, it is not! But, you can give an illusion of floating books when making this shelf. It is surely fun and fascinating. 

  1. Personalized Handwritten Canvas

Write in a blank canvas something personal. Something you would like the world to understand or know about you. Or, you can pour any artistic ideas, even though people won’t likely understand. But hey, all of us got an artist inside, aren’t we? 

  1. Mosaic CD Mirror

Turn unusable CD into mosaic CD mirror. Break or smash them into pieces, and paste them on the mirror frame using hot glue. It is unique and majestic.

  1. Gold Flower Pot or Vase

A luxurious look can be created by spraying metallic gold color to a vase or flower pots. It brings grand design to your home!


Those are ideas to decorate your living room. Actually, it is not limited only to the living room, but other rooms as well.  May you grasp the ideas and implement them cheerfully to your home! Happy decorating!

My Author Bio

Octavianus Tri Harjanto is an entrepreneur, publisher, and editor who is passionate about wonderful home design ideas. He’s written extensively to help people gather ideas for creating & maintaining marvelous homes. He will support you with inspiring visuals of cool homes, artistic garden, architectural marvels and up to date design trends. Find him here on Militantvibes.


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you say you don’t care about decorating….

But did you know that the wrong colors or patterns  can induce nausea and migraines, raise stress levels and make you feel uncomfortable? All this without you even being able to put your thumb on the problem!

A lot of people came in telling me they liked the article about IKEA’s greenwashing. I was like “Wow people read this blog!”, so thank you for reading this. I wanted to go over a few odd statements I hear from people that are probably really limiting their satisfaction and comfort at home. You DO want to feel comfortable and satisfied at home, don’t you? Well read on to learn if you or someone you love carries one of these home design and decorating misconceptions with them like a bad habit.

“I don’t care about decorating.”

What if your entire living room was made of bricks and your furniture was just a bunch of hay bales? Would you like that? How about a bedroom with lime green walls and a red and green plaid bedspread? If you said no to either or both of these, then you DO care about decorating. You may just appreciate or be able to afford very casual decor, or you may be saying you’re a down-home style kind of person.


Shopping for furniture will never be easier than this! (By Hazeltine, BM, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

Decorating and design can be as simple as choosing wood floors over carpeting, or making sure there are enough seats in the living room for all of the people it’s supposed to host, as well as a place to put your coffee mug. It doesn’t need to be a big deal about French Roccoco versus Mid Century Modern, or whether or not you can paint your bonus room walls purple and yellow for Huskies parties. (Don’t listen to them, you can.)

Comfort is and always will be an essential aspect of interior decorating and design. This is important to note because people who say they don’t care about decorating are really saying they don’t feel they have strong reactions to color. Or, they might be saying “I don’t have time for that frivolous stuff.” There is a lot to know about form, layout and spatial relationships in decorating that do not have anything to do with colors and prints. It’s also extremely simple to change a few things about a space without going whole hog into decorating mode.

“Decorating is too expensive”

Trust me. Your room does not have too look like a palace to be comfortable and appealing. (Queen's Bedroom in the Wilanów Palace By BurgererSF) (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Trust me. Your room does not have too look like a palace to be comfortable and appealing. (Queen’s Bedroom in the Wilanów Palace By BurgererSF) (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

It used to be that decorating was the domain of the very rich, or at least the well off, so nobody was doing very much of it. Furniture was not widely available and people made do with what they had. Now everyone who has even the tiniest of living spaces and the smallest of budgets wants to make their place more comfortable, and as a society we’re experimenting with fantastic new ideas and reinventing old ones. It doesn’t need to be very expensive. I’m the kind of person who used to think HGTV’s Design on a Dime’s ideas were often ridiculously expensive. The downtown Olympia area is home to some of the cheapest antique, thrift and flea markets in the I-5 corridor. Here’s a list of some faboo finds for under $100 we currently have on hand here at Furniture Works. They’ll be gone soon but they’re replaced everyday by similar deals!

Island Style Side Chairs $85 Each

Island Style Side Chairs $85 Each


Spinning Glass Ultramodern Coffee Table, $60

Spinning Glass Ultramodern Coffee Table, $60

designer glass and brass hexagonal coffee table with goat hoof feet, $100

Hollywood Regency Chinoiserie Mirror $80

Hollywood Regency Chinoiserie Mirror $80

You say your budget is much lower than this, and your furniture came from craigslist. Well, in that case spray paint is also your friend when it comes to design. Work with what you have already! Today, using new techniques, you can paint upholstery and leather! That’s right, you heard me right. Grannies old couch getting you down? Paint the trim white and the cushions black! See more at this tutorial on Design Sponge here:


Please remember that accessories are even easier to find and just as important as the furniture. You can spray paint cheap plastic animals to make them look as luscious as a Nate Berkus accessory. Check out the article at Handmade Charlotte:



 “I don’t know how to decorate”

The real purpose of interior decorating and design is to make your space more effective – usually more comfortable, but sometimes you want to make the space more impressive to guests, more exciting to social affairs, or even just reminiscent of your favorite place – be it a bed and breakfast, restaurant or the home you grew up in. I am not at all convinced someone can be completely inept at all decorating and design techniques, especially the one that requires the least thinking – copying!

Do this – take a photo of the perfect space you saw – be it a restaurant, gallery or someone else’s decorated room, and one by one, find copies of each item in the space you love, and get a bead on how to do anything special in the room, like architectural details, wall treatments or fabric treatments. Put your own twist on it if you like but it doesn’t take much effort to copy someone’s elses perfect room and it is a very acceptable practice for laymen to do this in the decorating. In fact Copy Cat Chic does exactly that:


It’s up to you to decide what you want a space to do for you. I’ve discussed before how important color is to our brains and how each of us have a different reaction to colors – some people find white cold and unfriendly – others clean and calming. It all depends on your mind.

Try to make sure your furniture is well built and sturdy – that way you don’t have to replace it again anytime soon. I believe almost any old piece can be updated to be trend forward.