The Best Bedroom Furniture Design Trends For 2019

As 2019 rolls around, you may want to update your bedroom with a more modern look. Adding key furniture pieces can be an easy way to create a stylish makeover of your master without having to totally transform the room. Think about pieces that will pull the space together or create a focal point for a total oasis for you to enjoy. Try any of these 2019 furniture trends in your bedroom for a while new appearance.

Bring Back the Four-Poster Bed

The four-poster bed is back in a big way. These elegant bed sets provide that bit of whimsy or drama that give your bedroom a whole new look. Choose a more modern design to keep the room uncluttered and only choose this furniture piece if you have the ceiling room. Sticking a four-poster bed in a small bedroom can reduce its size. As much as you love the idea of a four-poster bed, you need to make sure that it fits the space well.

Cozy It Up with Velvet

Velvet stools, lounges, and accessories are in. This cushy fabric works well in any space to give a more glamorous look. Try finding pieces that mix with your current bed set and adds that spark of color or interest in your bedroom. You’ll love the way that these velvet pieces tie right in and find that you gravitate towards your bedroom each and every night.

Get Rid of That Headboard All Together

The minimalist look is in, and one of the best ways to achieve this look is to get rid of that passé headboard. Gone are the days when a headboard was a necessity. Instead opt to remove yours and enjoy the clean, straight lines you are able to create. You’ll find that you don’t even miss your headboard and your new bedroom style is more contemporary too.

Mark Your Space with Metal

Adding metal to your bedroom space is the perfect way to add some interest. Try adding metal structures around your room or on the walls. You can even mount metal lamps from the ceiling or adorn them on your bedside table. These metal furniture pieces will enhance your master bedroom by adding a little bit of warmth or coolness, depending on the tone that you choose.

Go Kitsch with Your Nightstands

Nightstands are a functional furniture piece that can easily be adapted to your needs and personality. There is no reason that you have to stick to traditional nightstands when you have the option to use stools or chairs that have a bit more life than that old wood stand. Take the plunge and find a new bedside table that compliments your space and adds that unusual twist that is all your own.

These 2019 design trends can help you transform your master bedroom without having to do a major remodel. Adding a furniture piece here and there can give you a new look that brings out the life of the room. Stick to pieces that match your personality and stand out on their own. After all, you want to look forward to your bedroom each and every night, so you can have those ever so sweet dreams.

About the author: Sebastian Morales is Founder and CEO of Good & Bed. Prior to Starting Good & Bed, Sebastian was an investment banker based in New York City.

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