The Best Way to Store Furniture During a Home Remodel

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A home renovation is a process that demands a lot of attention. If you’ve ever gone through it, you’re aware that it’s not just about fixing, remodeling, and decorating. One of the more challenging things people face is finding a way to store furniture during a home remodel. Luckily, all you need is some advice and a few aces up your sleeve.
Use proper packing materials
Firstly, don’t think for a second that how you choose to pack your furniture is all the same. Certain materials will protect your items better than others. And no amount of furniture care will help if something gets damaged. The best way to pack your furniture before storing it during a home remodel is with moving blankets. Of course, if this isn’t an option, stretch wraps and bubble packs are suitable too. However, all of this combined is the safest bet.
Rent out a storage unit
If storing furniture during a home remodel in your house isn’t an option, you’ll need to rent out a storage unit. Make sure to find the right type of unit for the particular items that you’ll hold there. If you have some fragile pieces that need a specific temperature or care, make sure to factor that in as well.

Caption: If you can’t use your own house to store furniture while remodeling, rent out a storage unit.
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Could you spare a room in your home?
Your garage, basement, or attic would probably be the most convenient place to store furniture during a home remodel. However, not everyone has that luxury. This leaves you with a few options, one of which is to designate another room in your home. But, make sure that you’re aware of how best to maximize the space in your home.

Caption: If it’s possible, use your basement for storing furniture during a home remodel.
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Preventing moisture in storage is important
No matter if you’ve chosen to store furniture in your home or to rent out a unit, know that moisture is the number one enemy of furniture care. It would be best to make sure that the space is safe and that chances of potential flooding are minimal. The best way to eliminate moisture with ease is by preventing it in the first place. Store your furniture in a clean space and use desiccants.
Hire a moving company to help you
To protect your furniture and store it properly, think about hiring a moving company. They’ll assist you with transportation and finding suitable storage. If hiring movers isn’t realistic with your current budget, turn to your friends and family. Although it’s tough to ask for help sometimes, think about it this way – would you help them if they were in a similar situation? After all, that’s what friends are for?

Caption: Make sure to hire someone reliable to help you store furniture during your home remodel.
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Never forget to label when you store furniture during a home remodel
Labeling is an essential part of learning how to store furniture during a home remodel. If you’re not too keen on using a label maker and giving this further thought, that’s fine. There’s no need for you to waste a lot of time on it. Use markers to write down the information that you find helpful.
Meta: To properly store furniture during a home remodel, you need to have a few ground rules. Luckily, we’re here to give you some.