The Garden Room Trend – 7 Benefits of Having a Garden Room

Many property owners have adopted the garden room trend over the last year. It comes as no surprise that people add this to their property as it is an advantageous way to make use of outdoor space. If you have been thinking about getting into the trend, here are some top benefits that you will get by adding a garden room.

1.      Creates More Space

Most people only have their living space as the only place they can use for some indoor activities. Adding a garden room is a great way to add some extra room for leisure or any other activities you would like to do. Most structures for garden rooms contain features that any home would have, which means that they can come in handy as extra space for any activities you can do inside the home. You can use the room as a yoga studio, an art room, a home gym, a home office, or any other hobby you love.

2.      Quick Installation

Garden rooms are structures that are easy to install when compared to other construction projects. An average-sized room takes about a week to install, while an annex may take around four to six weeks to complete. You can have a room ready for use within a short time. Some home extension projects take months to complete, meaning you have to deal with a lot of noise and other construction disruptions. A garden room’s construction is pretty simple and takes a few people to complete.

3.      Many Design Options

Having a garden room gives you various design options to choose from. You can have a customized design for your garden room to suit your taste. What’s more, you can choose a design you prefer or ask people who have had their garden rooms completed to get some inspiration.

4.      Easy to Furnish Garden Room

You can furnish your garden room with a different style that you have not used in any other part of your home. Use simple and modern furniture, woven rattan, and natural-looking material like abaca. While selecting the furniture stuff, keep in mind that your garden room is more humid and prone to temperature changes.

 So, use small stylish pots of plants inside your garden room. Use casual rattan armchairs, wicker stools, and willow or Lloyd Loom. Place a chandelier with a versatile design close to your doors and windows to catch the light. Also, conserve a small dining space inside the garden room to enjoy your meals when the weather is good. Hang different sizes of mirrors. That would be a great addition.

5.      Trending furniture ideas for a garden room

The trends to furnish the garden room have changed over some time. People now prefer the simple and tranquil setting of the garden room. The most trending idea for garden room furniture is statement seating.

Use comfortable sofas, you can use velvet armchairs, luxe lounging designs, and hanging chairs. Another significant trend is the use of shelves. You can place plants, family photos, table books, or any pieces of art on the shelves. Complete the classy look of your garden room by using a beautifully styled bar cart.

6.      Saving Money

Unlike other home extension projects that may cost too much, a garden room’s construction does not take up too much of your funds. Additionally, you only need a few people for the crew to complete it, which means you will be paying fewer people and will incur fewer costs.

7.      Durability

Constructing a garden room with durable materials means that you will have a long-lasting structure. You can make the necessary additions to make the room more suitable for your needs. Additions such as insulation and soundproof barriers are a good idea. You can use insulated Garden rooms for all year round activities. You can conserve more energy with your garden room this way.

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