The Perks of Using Double Glazed Windows

Remember the witches from Macbeth and their admonishing chant “Double, double toil and trouble”? Unlike in Shakespeare’s era, the concept of dualism nowadays does not always imply disguises, duplicity, contradictions and consequent hassle: in fact, double is a highly desirable asset in the world of contemporary window glazing.

Since the principal purpose of windows is to provide ample natural light indoors while preventing heat loss during cold seasons, double glazed windows are made to perform this function more efficiently than their standard single pane counterparts. If you are considering upping thermal insulation and soundproofing features of your home or office space before wintertime, you should definitely consider installing double glazed windows – and here is why.

windows on brick

Optimal Thermal Insulation

Double glazed windows consist of two glass panes separated by an air-filled cavity. This clever structure helps achieve optimal temperature indoors without loss of heat through air leaks between window panes and frames, which commonly occurs with single glazed windows. The air trapped in the gap between the two panes serves as a barrier that minimizes the impact of external temperatures, allowing your home to stay cool in summer and warm during winter.

Energy Saving Made Easy

Since double glazed windows provide better thermal insulation than regular single paned versions, you will be able to significantly cut your electricity bills as you will not need as much energy to keep your home cozy and optimally heated/cooled. On hot summer days, double glazed windows will considerably slow down the inflow of heat, while window-bound heat loss on chilly days will be by as many as 50% lower than with standard single glazed on wood

Environmental Benefits

By conserving heat, double glazed windows also make your household or office greener. Reduced energy waste means lower carbon footprint and less squandered resources. To maximize energy efficiency at home, check the energy rating of different windows before purchase. In a recent chat with Sydney-based double glazing pros, I discovered that energy rating for windows available in stores depends on U-Values, air leakage rate and solar heat gain.

big windowsAdequate Soundproofing

In addition to providing failsafe thermal insulation, double glazed windows also offer better soundproofing properties than regular windows. Thanks to dual panes with air trapped between them, double glazed windows can help diminish external noise and preserve the comfort and peace of your home or studio. Laminated acoustic double glazed windows are even more efficient in terms of soundproofing, as they can reduce noise by as many as 35 decibels.

Optional Features

For increased versatility, you may choose windows with additional features such as reflective coating on external panes for lower infrared radiation and sun glare. Another convenient option is to have the inner pane of the window coated with reflective metallic paint for improved heat loss prevention and greater energy savings. Laminated panes provide even better protection from negative side-effects of intense sunlight as they reduce UV radiation by over 90 percent.

Thanks to their superior thermal isolation and soundproofing features, double glazed windows are an excellent home or office upgrade for every real estate owner. Good both for your budget and the planet, double glazed windows are made to last over 20 years, so they are definitely an investment that will pay off many times over in the long run. When choosing your new set of windows, pay attention to the general energy rating, pane coating options, glass thickness and the width of the cavity between the panes.

The rule of thumb for double glazing is: the thicker the panes and the wider the cavity, the better the window insulation and soundproofing properties. If you are looking for a perfect stack of windows to install in your home, studio or office, you will definitely go no wrong with double glazed windows, so make sure you check them out – after all, double is always better than single in the modern era.