Things to Consider When Buying an Office Chair

If you work at a desk, you probably know how important a comfortable chair is. A chair in which you can sit all day is important not only for your concentration and productivity, but also for your own health.

So, the next time you have a chance to pick your own chair, you should know what to look for. In a conversation with a premier furniture salon, D3 Home, we came up with a comprehensive list of things you should pay attention to when selecting a chair for yourself.

Adjustability Is Key

First and foremost, if you are getting a chair which you will use daily for 8 hours, you don’t want to get a fixed chair. We’re all a bit different, our height, weight, body posture. Your chair should let you adjust for all of those factors.

Many people don’t know this, but the right chair height is the one which enables you to put your feet firmly on the ground.

Back and Lumbar Support

If you can’t properly lean back on your chair, that chair is not suitable for you. Your back needs to be able to contact the full height of the chair. Without this, over time, you will adopt poor body posture and may have pain problems down the line, even if you don’t feel the problems now.

However, even more importantly, you need proper lumbar support from your chair. The lower back is particularly sensitive when sitting for a long time, so extra support for your lumbar should always be present. Preferably, this part should also be adjustable, to fit any height.

Arm Rests

Most people prefer their office chairs to have armrests. That’s why most office chair retailers primarily showcase these. It is important what kinds of armrests your chair has, though.

Just like the back and lumbar support, your chair needs to have adjustable armrests. Setting the proper height of your armrest can take a big load off your shoulders and upper arms. Not only is it important for the proper body posture, but it can also help move your chair through the office, avoiding desks.

Build Material and Quality

In the past, the preferred material for the body of office chairs was wood. However, due to the environmental impact, as well as the cost, manufacturers turned to different materials. Today, the most prevalent are metal and plastic.

Both of these materials have their merits and the quality of the chair will largely depend on the build quality, which is why you should inspect the joints to see if they are firm and if they allow for smooth rotation.

When it comes to padding, most people think that leather is the best material, but that is not always the case, especially in the summer. What you need to make sure is that the chair is comfortable enough to sit in and that it is padded sufficiently. Everything else is a matter of preference.

Make the Chair Fit Your Space

One more important thing which you may omit to pay attention to is your work environment. If you work with clients who visit your company office a lot, chances are that you want to impress them and present an aura of professionalism and confidence. That means that your desk and your chair need to look presentable.

On the other hand, picking a huge leather chair to go with a flimsy desk in an unimpressive office may just seem gaudy and out of place.

Office chairs are an expensive investment and one which should not be taken lightly, since you will be using it daily for years to come. So, take your time to pick the perfect chair for yourself.

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