Tips for incorporating old furniture into your new home

A living room with big windows

When you successfully move your belongings, it’s time for incorporating old furniture into your new home. However, that comes with some challenges. Maybe your old sofa will be too big or too small for your new living room, or your old bedroom furniture won’t fit anymore. Moving pieces until you find the ideal setting and creative furniture arranging should solve your problems. You may need to add few additional pieces and get rid of some old ones. Still, the majority of your old furniture can look like it was meant for your new home.

Repurpose and give new life to your furniture

If you have any problem with dimensions or aesthetics, keep in mind that you can give a second life to your furniture. For starters, forget how you used it in your former home and think of new ways of using it. Your old dresser doesn’t exclusively have to be placed in your bedroom. Instead, you can use that chest of drawers for your new dining room or living room. It can have a new purpose as a bar for entertaining or something else entirely. You are free to make various modifications or a complete makeover to your furniture. Re-paint it or re-upholster it to get a perfect match for your new home, in whatever shade you prefer. Even a simple change can make furniture feel more like it belongs in the new space.

Incorporating old furniture into your new home means giving them a new life.
Incorporating old furniture into your new home means giving them a new life.

Dare to mix different styles

People moving from historic homes into new construction usually think that their wooden furniture and antiques will feel more dated in the new house. However, that’s not always the case. Your antique collections can look charming in a modern place as well. Try mixing your existing furniture with fresh pieces to create a better style for your new space. That can help you see your old furniture in a new light.

A living room with two white sofas and a wooden chair.
Mix styles from different eras to create a unique look in your space.

Keep your favorites, but make some compromises

You certainly have some pieces that you love more than others. Keep your favorites but make some compromises if needed. If you don’t have the budget for a new sofa, but you don’t like the one you already have, try to sell it. Then you can look for a new sofa that you’ll like better.

A gray sofa and dining table with few chairs.
Keep your favorite pieces of furniture, but buy something new to freshen up the room.

Choose pieces wisely

The main furniture pieces in your home should be classic in style and neutral in color, but also functional and with multiple purposes. If you are buying furniture for your new home in advance, choose something practical and something that can be disassembled and assembled easily. Pieces that can be separated into smaller parts or expanded into large ones as needed are always a good choice. Whenever you decide to move house again and want your furniture to come with you, it’s good to know that there is a right way to take it apart. There is less chance that disassembled furniture will be damaged in transport. Always opt for multi-functional and modular furniture, especially if you’re moving into a smaller space.

Be excited about incorporating old furniture into your new home

You can make the most of incorporating old furniture into your new home and get a unique, fresh look, only with a little bit of creativity. There are endless opportunities if you like experimenting. Stay true to your style, use your imagination and enjoy your new space!

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