Top 3 Things to Consider When Choosing an Interior Designer for Your Project

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Redecorating, whether it’s a room or an entire home, can sometimes feel like a long and arduous process. These things are almost never completed in the time frame you originally intend them to be – how many times have you given yourself a set amount of time to complete a seemingly simple task around the house, only to have yourself wondering months later why it’s not finished?

Fortunately, interior designers are here to help – they’ll help you to make decisions about your project and solve problems that arise along the way. If you’re looking to hire an interior designer, it’s best to do a bit of research – the Internet is exceptionally helpful in this regard. Today more than ever, people seem to post reviews on every encounter they have with people providing goods and services, from complaining about missed orders at restaurants to raving about the service Gary the plumber gave. Sifting through search results and design websites may be a little tedious at first, but you’ll get a feel for it pretty quickly. Most designers have portfolios in which they display work they’ve done, allowing you to see the breadth of a person’s experience. Once you’ve picked your interior designer, it’s time to set up a meeting! Following are the top three things you ought to consider before meeting your interior designer.

1: How Many Changes to Your Ideas You’re Willing to Allow

Before redesigning your home, you’ll probably have at least a basic idea of what you want – after all, if you’re at the point where you’re thinking about hiring an interior designer, you’ve probably been mulling over possible plans for quite some time. While this is great, and you should certainly have ideas to put forward, it’s worth keeping in mind that your interior designer has been in the game for a long time, and likely knows exactly what he or she is doing – so it’s worth being open to suggestions. Your interior designer’s job is to design a space that suits you, from color palettes to new designer furniture, so know beforehand what you’re willing to change, and what is essential to your plans. This way, you and your interior designer can work out a compromise on the finer details. If they suggest ideas that you’re not entirely comfortable with, don’t just dismiss them out of hand – give yourself time to think things over, as you may realise that their suggestions suit your plans better than your original ideas.

2: Your Future Together

It’s always important to think about the future! Hiring a skilled interior designer who knows what he or she is doing with different spaces ensures that your home’s décor will remain timeless. Choosing the right home décor, such as lighting, curtains, window blinds and carpets can make a house easier to sell when the time comes. By extensively comparing different designers’ portfolios, you can select a person who has produced work to your taste across different types of rooms and houses. It pays to choose an interior designer whose work you admire across all projects, for you may find yourself decorating again in the future, and want similar guidance to that you received in your first project. Look at the details of their past work, such as their sense of scale and proportion – no weird rooms that look they should belong in a different house entirely!

3: Which Questions You’d Like to Ask

This is an important one! You’re hiring someone for their skill set and experience, so you’re entitled to make sure they can do the job you’re paying them for. Are you interested in reading your designer’s references? They’ll likely be happy to oblige. Do you have specific questions about costs, or how long a project will take? The two of you can discuss these concerns, and they will be able to help you set out a budget and give you an estimate of the project’s length. Your interior designer’s job is to help you, so don’t be shy about asking for what you need! Remember, the initial meeting with your interior designer doesn’t necessarily bind you to them – you are free to consider your options, and if the meeting doesn’t go well, there’s nothing stopping you from choosing another.

Happy redesigning!

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