What You Need to Throw a House-Friendly Housewarming Party


Congratulations on moving into your new home! You are now part of the new 572,000 new homeowners his year, according to the market review of Trading Economics. When all the moving boxes are away and all the handpicked decorations are in place, it’s time to turn your thoughts toward something fun. Specifically, your housewarming party. Just what does one need to throw a proper housewarming party?

A Good Theme

It all starts with the theme. A themed party entices better attendance and opens the doors for themed games and themed food, as found by Odyssey. As the host, having a well-chosen theme to guide you can definitely simplify what you’ll need to do. The theme tends to dictate the attire of everyone in attendance and helps narrow down what sort of furniture or decor you’ll need. For example, a garden-themed party will need furniture and seats that made of the sort of material that won’t mind sun, wind, and even a little dirt on them like wood, metal, and even plastic.

Space and Seating

The concept of a housewarming is something that encompasses different cultures. So when you do throw a housewarming party, it’s important to have space and seating. Popular congregation spaces in a home are the living room, garage, garden, and even the kitchen. You can invest in collapsible tables and chairs so you can pull them out only when necessary. If you don’t have enough space or seating, you can scale back the guest list a bit. To save up on storage space and cut back from having to buy a lot of chairs, you can invest in bench-like seating to accompany your dining table.

Primed Furniture

As a homeowner, it can be quite natural to worry about your furnishings. After all, guests will be using sofas, dining tables, and even coffee tables while they’re there. Something you can do to protect your surfaces and seating is to prime them beforehand. You can use stain-repellant treatments like Scotchgard and spray them over upholstered furnishings so any spills can just bead off and are easier to clean. If your dining table is expensive or an antique, you may want to consider buying something to cover it with.

If you’re worried about your floor, prepare a welcoming mat for guests to use before they enter the home. You can also have easy to clean mats on the floor for high traffic areas. Speaking of mats, you can place coasters and placemats on surfaces to anticipate drinks or plates of food.

No-Guest Areas

Just because you’re opening your home to guests does not mean you’ll have to share it entirely. You can have designated areas where guests aren’t allowed like certain rooms. That’s handy to have so you can keep any fragile decorations stored away and not have to worry about them while you’re entertaining your guests.

With careful planning and suitable safeguards, you can definitely throw a housewarming party that is both memorable and house-friendly. Don’t stress too much about the details and trust the preparations you’ve done are enough. Never forget that the whole point of the party is to welcome your friends or family into your home.

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